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EMR Features

  1. Patient Informaion record
  2. Appointment scheduling
  3. Patient appointment notification via email and sms
  4. Compact and flexible appointment calendar
  5. Doctor's own event calendar
  6. Holiday calendar
  7. Prescription print
  8. Immunizations module
  9. Pre-stored medicines
  10. Pre-stored Investigation
  11. Pre-stored Disease names based on ICD-10
  12. Patient vitals measurements
  13. Patient allergies record
  14. Billing module

What does EMR mean?

An Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is a digital medical record that either originates from an electronic format or is converted from paper or hard copy to an online version. An EMR is also known as an Electronic Health Record (EHR). An EMR includes information about a specific patient, including: Patient contact information, including emergency contact(s)

How can help me to achieve my goals?

We have many features to assist you in your practice.
  1. Easy patient entry system - you need to fill only a small form for patient entry which can be modified later with more information.
  2. On the hand prescription - Prescription gets ready on your screen as soon as you fill patient disease and medicines. It can be printed at the same moment.
  3. Patient allergies are flashed on the screen every time which will help to avoid wrong medication error.
  4. System already has thousands of medicines stored and also remembers all the medicines you enter once. Saves lots of typing time.

What are the benefits of using EMR?

    Electronic Medical Record (EMR) or EHR advantages are numerous.
  1. A key reason is the notion that EHRs can save lives by reducing human error. For example, if physicians and nurses have crucial electronic medical information at their fingertips, fewer delays are expected in emergent treatment and critical care.
  2. EHRs are also convenient to patients, with the elimination of the repetitive process of divulging medical histories to new caregivers. 22nd Dec 2015 at Bengaluru NIMHANS Speaking at the launch of Nimhans heritage museum in Bengaluru on Tuesday, President Mukherjee suggested the faculty to take up e-hospital management. "It is only appropriate that Nimhans, located in the IT city of Bengaluru, should adopt modern, computer-based hospital information systems to improve efficiencies in all its centres" "The use of information technology to invigorate health care delivery also helps in reducing costs, optimising resource management and minimising paper work. The e-hospital and e-project programmes taken up by Nimhans are, therefore, excellent initiatives, worthy of emulation by other institutions," he said.

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